Photo credit: Heather Price Photography 

Photo credit: Heather Price Photography 

Iā€™m going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.
— Elsie de Wolfe

Hello!  My name is Stacia and I'm the owner of Tay Marie Photography! (Tay is my childhood nickname and Marie is my middle name). I'm a wife and a mother to 2 beautiful boys, Landon and Cohen and a precious little dog named Lennon Elizabeth. I'm originally from upstate New York, but now love living in the sunny south!

I've been doing photography for about 4 years and newborn photography is something that has always been on my heart, long before I ever picked up a camera.  When my boys were babies I don't feel like I got to fully appreciate their newness and tininess. I regret not having newborn pictures taken of my boys and now so much enjoy capturing these precious moments for others!  I'm passionate about creating beautiful, tangible art for my clients that will be passed down through generations. 

Things I love: 

  • Jesus
  • Sunshine and warmth
  • Being in nature and taking in God's beautiful creation
  • Babies (obviously)
  • Deep conversations 
  • Learning new things

Things I dislike:

  • Spiders (I struggled to even type that out)
  • Selfish people (who doesn't?)
  • Messes... germs...  (a little OCD here)
  • Driving (seriously I'd love a chauffeur)